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This stuff is all of the merchandise or CD's we have released and what they look like.

Geek Mafia Albums

Moving On...  $2.00
The new original from Geek Mafia is a great song about the past and leaving things behind. The CD was originally released March 8th on a Monday and sold 51 copies. It was recorded Saturday March 6th in the Notefarm recording studio.

Geek Mafia(self titled)... $5.00
This CD was originally released November 27th of year 2003 and sold 78 copies. It was recorded on the 25th in the Notefarm recording studio. There are 4 songs and they are the first recording of Geek Mafia. ORIGINAL LIMITED QUANTITY!

Mafia Merch.

Zilla T and Zilla tank...$5.00
The T-shirts are a thick cotton material and come in sized M, L, XL because small sold out and the tanks come in S, M, L and are a stretchy material so you can get tight looking fit. All of them were professionally made by Shirt Graphix.