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This is just room for journals of what we are thinking and stuff.

10/23/04- Hey there. It's Mike. AGAIN! Well it turns out that Luke has nothing of a studio except the computer program. We found out that the microphones that we were using were the church's and we  ould only use the for a day. We needed 2 days to record though because Luke was so hellbent on making the click track work. A clicktrack/ metronome just keeps the beat at the same tempo constantly. But on top of that when Dylan was tryin really hard to reord the drum tracks, Luke wasn't listening and then when we came out of the room he was off fuckin around with something. So then he would say "oh, well you fucked up in the beginning so you have to do it all over." What else... Oh! And today we were supposed to start recording at 4:00 but  he didn't show up till about 4:45 at which time we were taking our shit and leaving.
             Anyways, the plan now is to save up some cash and cut another record with Jay at the NoTeFaRm!!!! WOO! Jay kiks so much ass. So we are sorry for the delay!

10/10/04: Hey everyone. Master Mike G-unit Gero checkin in. Oh baby. For the band... We are recording The 22nd and 23rd of Oct. with Luke Maddox. We are gonna put down 4 tracks that are still up for discussion but the definites are "Ghosts," "Off With His Head," and "Where Do We Go?" Some other possibilities are "All I Need," "Wake Up," and "What I Wanna Do."  Also we might be playing for red ribbon week cuz drunk driving is bad god dammit! But there is a fuckin CD on the WAY BITCHES! SAVE YOUR FUCKIN MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$$$

9/28/04- hello everyone, Dylan here. we have been hard at work and writing songs and stuff and getting everything to sound good. we should be recording by the end of october. thats right RECORDING! we are going to make another demo with our up to date music style whatever it is. but we are recording with lucas at his casa and then we found someone who is going to get us gigs and open doors for us. Mike is looking for singing lessons. uhhhh ya well thats all i really got so far so anal sex everyone and dont get run over

8/1/04 - Yo! Mike Checkin in... KillRadio is really fuckin tight so get their CD sept. 9th! But anyways, I got a Vox wah wah pedal and so that open up some writing ideas and other shit. I also found out i can get a cool sound when i point a remote at pickups on my new schecter since they're so hot! So we are using both of those in this new song which will probably be called "Off With His Head" but i need to see how the 2nd verse goes so we can get a nice title and all. It's really fun. Colin is in Norway and we talked for like an hour but that was the only th9ing was semi cheap there to use was a phone and electricity but everything else was way expensive. So I'm lookin at drivin a fuckin FIREBIRD! That will be the most awesome thing in the world but ya. So we got around 13? new songs. Somewhere around there. WE did a little jammin thing at Togo's and that was pretty lame but we made up a cupl songs while we were there and just jammed a bunch and kept it quiet and got a bunch of free sandwiches. So we will get some of those pics on the site but ya. I'll try to keep in touch with this journal shit but thats all thats new! SEE YA MOTHERFUCKERS LATER!

6/18/04- Hey yall! I know its been quite a long time since you were last informed about whats going on but nothing is really going on. i got some pictures from the battle of the bands and will put those on the site soon. but thats about it.

5/27/04- Hello everyone, Dylan here. i know the site is looking alittle shitty but michael and i are working on it. ok so here is what has been up for like the past month or so. Michael gets word that we can still play the battle of the bands at the high school. so we enter and get accepted. we are one out of 6 other bands though. we were set to play i think on the 13th but there was AP testing going on and so the first two bands played on the 14th and then we had to wait for week to get another band. we practiced about 2 or 3 times a week for pretty much that whole month. but our show date to set to the 27th which is today. so yesterday afternoon was spent breaking down the drum set. oh ya last friday we were geting levels for the PA and what not and we moved everything out into the 2 car garage and we played. it was loud. i admit that much. it was REALLY loud. but if its to loud your to old right? so we are like half way through our third song and then up walks a cop. so we just stop. and she wanted my name and DOB so i gave it to her and she said if she was in a bad mood i wouldve gotten arrested. so my mom is all scared that we are going to get noise complaints so on monday we wanted us to move everything into my front room. so it was cool to play in the house but we had to move shit. anyways, yesterday was spent breaking down the drum set and  loading it into the van. and once i was done i just sat in the van and listened to queen. then today i was nervous all day. we got out of class at like 1030 so i practically ran down to meet my mom and we drove onto the campus and unloaded and i set up and we were told that the other band had dropped out. so we sat around for awhile, did a couple sound checks and then i went to go and mentally prep for the show. i went and layed down and listened to the mars volta. i closed my eyes and said alittle prayer and the butterflys were ALL gone. God works in weird ways doesnt he? i asked him to help us with the show and to let us do well and it was, in my opinion, was our best show to date. michael's voice is no longer bad. its just different. something you have to get used to i guess. michael and i mix well together, musically anyways. but we did really well. im very happy with how we did. but im taking alittle break from GM. not a long one just to be away from the guys. im gonna be playing with this metal band. i hope its fun. and Fat Never Fails needs to play sometime. i dont know when. we just need to play. i will keep everyone posted so keep reading!

4/5/04 - Tonight was pretty damn fun. First Alexa was over at my house and then she left only to come back around 30 seconds later and invite me back to her house. Confusin? I would agree. She is soooooo hot though. Check out the pic down below and you'll see what I mean. So we hung out and i got to see her in a bikini. (drool). So... What else. Im starting up a new song called "Ghosts" and it should rock your socks. So Dylan is in Hawaii motherfucker! I kinda wanna go but then i wouldnt get to see Alexa in a bikini so staying here kinda rules. So today just fuckin' rocked and yesterday was awesome too. I chilled with el Colin and we shot a little horror movie. We also made up a new word. Definitlemundo... for when you really agree with someone. Thats fuckin great. LOL. So ya. Good weekend! Spring F*ing BREAK!

3/27/04 - This is Michael and fuckin' shit. The whole band had a sleep over and stuff. Dylan is out on the couch and Colin is here looking at an SI issue. To me, today kinda sucked. When I did end up playing with the band I got a bad ass headache. It was just fuckin' hot today too. I also was really lookin' forward to hanging out with Alexa today too. Well we are playing a show at Squid Joe's pretty soon. I gave a guy there one of out demos and he's gonna give it to the bookie and hook us up. So when we play Squid Joe's you fuckers better show up! Blink-182 kicks ass. So I'm gonna go try to write a new diddly song here thing. Peace.

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