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Michael Gero
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All the used picks...

Hi this is Michael. I am the lead guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter for Geek Mafia. I started the band with Dylan in August 2001. I have also been playing for that long. I play Schecter guitars through Marshall Amps and I use Roc-18 Cables. I use Cool Picks, Dunlop thins, and Rusty pants' buttons. I found out that buttons are useful to get a more even tone with acoustics and for a jazzier, blusier sounds on electric. My inspirations are Jimmy Page, and John Lennon for writing, Angus Young and Tom DeLonge for style, and John Lee Hooker for sound.

Schecter TSH-1B with new Gotoh bridge

Old Band: AC/DC
Recet Band: The Living End
Song: The Offspring - The Kids Aren't Alright
Album: Blink-182 - Dude Ranch
Food: Quesadillas
Drink: A&W Root Beer
TV Show: Seinfeld
Movie: The Exorcist

My Marshall MG series stack