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Dylan Wade
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Dylan Wade is the drummer and other original member of Geek Mafia. I along with Michael started this band. ive been playing drums for 5 years and i don't plan on stoping any time soon. I play a Pearl drum set with a Mapex brass piccilo snare. I use Pearl, and Tama hardware, Vic Firth sticks, Paiste Cymbols but they suck(dont buy paiste). And I use Aquarian heads.  My influences are Travis Barker, Tre Cool, Buddy Rich, Tyler Buckley and i think thats about it.

Old Band: Pink Floyd
Recet Band: Mars Volta
Song: Greenday - Nice Guys Finish Last
Album: Pink Floyd - The Wall
Food: Pizza and tacos (not mixed)
Drink: Welch's grape soda
TV Show: Aquateen and Hunger Force
Movie: Pink Floyd - The Wall