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Colin McGrane
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Colin joined the band about a year after they originally got together. Colin had to kick out Kellen. Colin plays bass like he is Aphrodite, the godess of love. I mean that in the best damn way possible. He is mainly a crazy jammer guy who thinks up crazy jammin ideas while the band is crazy, jammin. Colin uses Fender basses through unnamed cables powered by Carvin amps! OH YAH! Colin is influenced by Jerry Garia, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Phil Lesh, and Flea.(kind of) (michael thinks moreso)(buuuuuuuuuut colin doesnt)(end of story) OK!

Old Band: Grateful Dead
Recet Band: Turbonegro
Song: Turn on your Lovelight
Album: Apocolypse Dudes
Food: Kraft Macaroni and cheese 
Drink: Coke
TV Show: Family Guy
Movie: Dumb and Dumber

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