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Our Thanks to...
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We'd like to thank mainly everyone who's ever given a damn!

Allen Wade - for all the contributions of old musical equipment and all the good advice. (RIP)
Patti Gero - for all the purchases and all the help with finding the right people and the right deals.
Hugh McGrane - for all the musical advice and knowledge and for the emergency PA help.
Kyle Casement - for showing up to every show he knew about and being a crazy mothafucka.
Kellen Kania - for sticking with the band and helping with progression
Jay Myerson - for being a great producer and giving us extra studio time.
Fans - for representin'! Also for comin' to shows.
Other Thanks:
Kaitie Taylor, Josh Thompson, Chris Johnson, neighbors, Carrie Kania, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Roy from Giacoletti's, Tom Delonge, Angus Young, Jimmy Page, Will Lateer, Alexa Hammill, faggot skaters and surfers, Sarah Runyon, Chase Evans, ICP, Mike Kania, Megan Clowar, Schecter guitars, Marshall amps, Pearl drum sets and hardware, Paiste Cymbals(fuck you paiste), Fender guitars, 70's Carvin amplifiers, Jennifer Nayudu, Andy Gularte, Jake Fuson (what a fuckoff) and That one guy from Calaveras.
Thanks everyone. Sort of.