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This is the whole damn story of how we came to be.

One day in the 6th grade at Kelly School, Mrs. Roberts decided that the seating arrangement wasn't right. She had to rearrange those damn kids. Dylan was moved to the table with Michael. They knew each other and they could have their little corny 6th grade jokes but that was all. Normal 6th grade boys, sort of. Time went on and those two half retarded boys decided they thought each other was funny and cool. Although Michael thought Dylan was a bit smelly. Then one day it happened. Dylan stuck his tongue out. Yes I know, what does Dylan sticking his tongue out have anything to do with the Geek Mafia of today? but it will all work... Him and Michael decided there was an abnormal feature about his tongue. In other words he had a big ol' tongue. So one day we decided to measure it and of course during the quietest time of class. So he measured 4 and a half inches the first time. Not satisfied with the size he took another try. As he shoved the ruler down his throat he choked and almost shot the ruler at Michael. Thank God he cared enough to keep his finger where the end of his tongue was. 5 inches, he had met his mark. From the moment Dylan choked on the ruler him and Michael were friends.
          At this time he had been playing drums for 2 years. So Michael eventually went over to his house and met the 2 giant dogs, krumm and fletcher. Fletcher smelled bad and slobber but had really soft fur! Krumm is still with the family. So during the night went on they decided to go out and inspect Dylan's drum set. Dylan wasn't the great drummer we know today but Michael was still amazed. He tried to play but sucked more than the woman between your thighs. Despite that he loved it! He really wanted to get a drum set. Time passed on and he changed his mind about which instrument to play. He thought drums would be the most fun for the moment. He thought bass would be fun and easy and could play with Dylan. He thought about guitar and then he could play all by himself and still sound great.
          Meanwhile at Michael's house his mom had gone to New York or Cleveland. Our sources forgot. haha. Before Michael and his dad went to pick her up from the airport Michael got bored and roamed around downstairs in hsi garage. He saw a guitar case and realized he had been meaning to pickup and instrument. So he took it out and it was stinky. A classic stinky. The kind of old rank stink that makes you think it is great since it IS old. He pulled it out and found a Fender pick in the box. The acoustic guitar was a 20 year old Yamaha. Unlike the Michael you know today, he didn't know where to push down on the fretboard or the guitar. The bars or in between the bars. He got frustrated with that idea quite quickly. Being inspired by the awesome tone of Blink182's guitarist, Tom Delonge, Michael wanted to be just like him. He decided he was going to write his mom a song for when she comes back. Of course this song was complete shit. He played it all on open strings.
          Michael tried multiple times to get good by himself. After one year of proof that he really wanted to get lessons he finally got them fomr a cool Brit named Jay Myerson. He made playing guitar a ton more fun and interesting as if it wasn't enough already. Michael was drowning in his own drool for an electric guitar. After a month and tons of tears and grabbing on to legs, and threats he finally got that guitar. It was a crappy Fender Strat rip off. The normal starter guitar. Of course to Michael it was golden! For those of you who don't know Michael inside and out he strives to be original but always be cool. So with guitar doing anything original was cool. Neverending happiness? Yes. All he wanted to do for around 4 months was play guitar, and write songs. After a while he realized eating food and sleeping would help fuel better lyrics and faster picking so he picked up on these new hobbies after those 4 months. At the beginning of those 4 months, Michael and Dylan really wanted to start a band. So they did. The first name was Last Chance. It was Dylan's choice. He's good at arguing. The first song they tried to do was Brainstew by Greenday. The easiest song ever. They realized a bassist would help. They took up a bassist named Josh Thompson. After around 2 months they finally finished playing a complete song. Brainstew. Michael had taken many attempts to write a song and it just never worked out. By the way the band started in August of the year 2001.  After around 6 months of horrible attempts at writing a song Michael tried one thing. He wrote a intro. Then he wrote a verse. All of this on the guitar by the way.  Then he wrote a chorus. He recorded it on a personal tape player. Then he played that tape over and over again until he came up with good lyrics. He made the song "Your Song" for Carrie Kania originally. Michael and Dylan were at band practice one day then (Josh didnt show up at all) and they put down the song. At this moment they realized that they were perfect for each other( in a band ). They put it together really fast they thought. They KNEW they were the shit. They didnt know they were the stinky ugly corny type at the moment.
          Time passed and the band now called Crappy Punk Band (CPB) had started to get "Your Song" better. Then they changed the name to Sonday's Best. This lasted not very long. Michael got kicked out of the band multiple times. Always was it Dylan who kicked him out. They always resolved the fight within days. Then we were Geek Band Mafia. Hey we are getting closer! Then after a while Michael and Dylan got sick of Josh not showing up and not even playing the right fucking lines for the songs. So they kicked his ass out! Bye Bye! The band added Kellen Kania to the badn as a bassist. Michael had gotten him into bass. Josh had been playing for 2 years. Kellen had been playing for around 2 months. He was better than Josh. So they had Kellen kick him out of the band. The band added Colin McGrane to the mix for a couple of weeks but nothing really got done. Yes it was fun still but nothing got done. So they got rid of him. They had their own PA thanks to Allen Wade(Rest in Peace) who was Dylan's dad because he was in a band and had some of the equipment. The PA is the stuff that makes your voices louder in case you don't know.
         The band had played some shows with Josh. 3 if you want to get technical. Then they changed their name to Plastic Heros. Let's just say Dylan was sick of Michael's shit. No one knows what his shit really was. Dylan thought he was spoiled. For those of you who dont know, Dylan is now playing with a $2,000 Pearl drum set. Then the PLastic Heros consisting of the member you know now had it's first show. It was more of a take all the shit out to a park and practice all the songs in front of people. Kellen took the pressure of playing live like Dylan and Michael did. They all get a bit nervous but pull through fine. Even though they think they reek live sometimes. After this show Michael and Dylan became much better friends again and so did the whole band mainly. After this they changed the name back to Geek Band Mafia. Thanks to Allen, he looked up geek, band, and mafia. The band name mainly meant nerd group criminal group. So we took out a group. Then we had the Geek Mafia of today.
          Meanwhile, Michael had written 3 more fairly good songs. The new songs were "Destination Anywhere" , "Emoshun" , and "Huh?". The band was really starting to come together. Then the band played the biggest show they had ever played. I think the band will agree that it was the fullest show they will ever play. Friends, foes, strangers, and most importantly family was there. This show will be the last show Allen could ever see and direct with them. The last song Geek Mafia did that day was "Time of Your Life". They claimed it was going out to Jenna who was a girl who moved away. Actually though, it would be to Allen. On the brighter side of the show, the crowd was hyped amazingly for the show. They also had never heard us play. The band said a prayer and hoped they did good. Then the DJ introduced Geek Mafia. Michael let his little Fender ring of feedback. 5th string. 3rd fret. The beginning of "Dammit" by Blink182. They all could probably agree they were about to shit themselves. They did completely horrible. The crowd. They disagreed. The crowd was so ecstatic that that Vice Principal had to stop the band in the middle of the song because the kids were having so much fun.
          After this show they made their CD self-titled Geek Mafia. It sold 78 copies and reimbursed the band all the money they paid to record it with Jay Myerson who was Michael's guitar teacher. It was a 4 song CD. Then a tragic day came that March. Dylan's father had died in a motorcycle accident in Oceanside. This could have set Geek Mafia back, but Dylan chose to make the best of it by using this emotional time with his creativity to write a dedicational song to his father with Michael on guitar. After that, Dylan dedicated his music career to his dad.
         After this dance they made some T-shirts and some stickers. They ended up breaking even on all of that shiznat. Then later in the year they were going to play another dance and were very hyped up to see the same crowd and enthusiasm as last time but the crowd was dead and held back by tape on the ground. The tape was about 3 feet from the stage so no one could get hurt again because last time the crowd was pushing up against the satge and Colin and Kyle both ended up with bloody shirts and it wasnt THEIR blood.
         After this the band decided to go into a battle of bands at Carlsbad skatepark and they got joined up with 7 other bands. They prepared a little but not much. The band who won the comp was Muther's Children and GM did pretty bad because Michael was sick and Kellen was out of tune and Dylan had a stick ready to break. Not a show you would wanna hear at all.
           Then at the end of the year Geek Mafia performed at their promotion with a 50's theme. Colin McGrane was doing the sounds for them and did a great job with his dad's PA. None of the bandmembers even wanted to play the show before they went on and the show was probably their best performance. The principal, Dr. Marshall (motherfucking asshole cocksucker!), then shortened their set to around like 2 songs or so and GM still did one extra 'cause it was gonna be that way you fucking asshole die bitch! After the dance the whole band got super pissed and went up to Dr. Marshal and planned on giving him a piece of their mind but kinda ended up bein gay but fuck him.
          Later at the dance, Kellen was flirting with a girl named Kayla and Michael was having a good time and more or less mocking Kellen with Matt and pretending to make out. Kellen also didn't have one of his greatest performances that evening. Michael and Kellen had been on rough ground with each other before the dance also and this only increased the dislike. After a lot of arguing and all that stuff Michael and Dylan ended up kicking Kellen out of the band. Before they kicked him out they made sure they had a bassist though. This is where Colin McGrane comes in. He'd been playing guitar for a long while before now. This meant a good bassist already. So he decided to get a bass and join Geek Mafia. When Kellen had lost some of his main friends at this time we'd like everyone to notice how good of a friend and person Kyle was for hanging out with Kellen so he had someone to hang out with and not feel completely alone. Go Kyle!
             So at this point in the story we have Colin in the band and the band is getting Colin into the groove of things. Then there was a big writing phase for Michael. They ended up having around 20 full songs at this point. Then Dylan and Kaitie were into a heavy relationship and it was kinda unequal. Michael said something about it to both of them and it sparked a big fight between Dylan and Michael and the band broke up for around 2 months. Then Dylan and Kaitie broke up and while the band was broken up Colin and Michael decided to publish a song written by Michael called "Moving On." They recorded it with Jay again and it was an amazingly good song with studio help. Doubled vocals, synthesizers, piano, strings, doubled guitars, different vocals sung at the same time... It all endud up being a recipe for a good song. They re-released the demo on the CD and sold 51 copies at CHS for $1 a pop.
           The freshman year of school was mainly completely blown on writing new songs,  releasing "Moving On," and just jammin in the studio. At the end of the year they played in the CHS battle of the bands and the crowd really enjoyed them and they got props from TR. The only downside is that a  freshman band had never won and they favored the upperclassmen. They weren't just whining about not winning though, because the band who did the worst even beat out Midnight Massacre who did much better than whatever the hell that crappy 2nd place band was.
             During the summer Michael and Dylan were hanging out and went to get some lunch at Togo's. They saw Carrie there and said hi and turned out that her parents were there. They started talking about the band and the manager of Togo's got interested. He offered them to play at Togo's for free sandwiches. The show was just a tad bit boring with no lyrics and  being quiet and all but hey, free sandwiches. Honestly, the show was worth about $20-$30 overall in free sandwiches. Fuckin Then sophomore year started and Mike started getting singing lessons from "Mr. Notefarm" Jay's wife. They also set up a recording deal with Luke Maddox.